Toilet STOOL beech wood



A specially designed, fully hand-made toilet stool on which we put our feet sitting on the toilet board. It causes that our body assumes the most proper squatting position, from
a physiological point of view, which allows for proper, complete, quick and healthy defecation.

We have cared that our product fulfils its task of man’s proper body position during defecation and looks good at the same time not taking up too much space. We have used plain, minimalistic design, edge mild curves become very pleasant in contact with feet. In addition, a high quality of product with care for details.

The toilet footstool by STOOL does not take up much space, it can be placed easily under the toilet basin in a standing or lying position. The shape without unevenness and places where dirt could gather as well as surface resistant to moisture cause that the footstool can be cleaned easily. Rubber stuck beneath causes that the footstool does not slide on the hard and wet floor. The stool by STOOL is a solid, stable and safe body support.

As it is a hand-made product, every footstool receives its unique number engraved on a copper plate fixed beneath.

This model has been made of a solid beech wood.

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Technical data:

Material: beech board

Dimensions: 21×32,5×13 cm

Color: natural


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